1994 Notes in the Full Listings

Notes in the Gauge and Higgs Boson Listings
The Z Boson
The Higgs Boson
The Z' Searches
Invisible A0 (Axion) Mass Limits from Astrophysics and Cosmology

Notes in the Lepton Listings
Note on Neutrinos
Note on The Muon Neutrino Mass
Note on Muon Decay Parameters
Note on Problems in the tau-Decay Data
Note on on tau-Decay Branching Fractions
Note on The Number of Light Neutrino Types from Collider Experiments
Note on Heavy Lepton Searches
Note on Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Note on Constraints on Particles from SN 1987A

Notes in the Quark Listings
Note on Quark Mass

Notes in the Meson Listings
Note on Pseudoscalar-Meson Decay Constants
Note on pi+- --> lepton+- nu gamma and K+- --> lepton+- nu gamma Form Factors
Note on The Charged Pion Mass
Note on The Decay Width Gamma (eta --> gamma gamma)
Note on eta Decay Parameters
Note on The rho(770)
Note on The a(0)(980)
Note on The a(1)(1260)
Note on S-wave pi pi, Kbar K, and eta eta Interactions
Note on The f(1)(1420)
Note on The eta(1440)
Note on The rho(1450) and the rho(1700)
Note on The f(J)(1710)
Note on The X(1900-3600) Region
Note on K+- Mass
Note on Dalitz Plot Parameters for K --> 3pi Decays
Note on K+-(lepton3) and K0(lepton3) Form Factors
Note on CP Violation in K(S) --> 3pi
Note on CP Violation in K0(L) Decay
Note on Delta S = Delta Q in K0 Decays
Note on K*(892) Masses and Mass Differences
Note on K(2)(1770) and the K(2)(1820)
Note on D Meson Branching Fractions
Note on Semileptonic Decays of D and B Mesons, Part I
Note on Experimental Highlights of B Meson Production and Decay
Note on Semileptonic Decays of D and B Mesons, Part II
Note on B0-Bbar0 Mixing and CP Violation in B Decay
Note on Width Determinations of the Upsilon States
Note on Non-q qbar Mesons

Notes in the Baryon Listings
Note on Nucleon Decay
Note on Baryon Decay Parameters
Note on N and Delta Resonances
Note on Baryon Magnetic Moments
Note on Lambda and Sigma Resonances
Note on The Lambda(1405)
Note on Sigma- --> Lambda e nubar(e) Decay
Note on The Sigma(1670) Region
Note on Xi Resonances
Note on Charmed Baryons

Notes in the Search Listings
Note on Quark Searches
Note on Magnetic Monopole Searches
Note on Supersymmetry
Note on Searches for Quark and Lepton Compositeness
Note on Other Stable Particle Searches

See the Boson Full Listings for searches for Higgs bosons, other heavy bosons, and axions and other very light bosons, the Lepton Full Listings for searches for heavy leptons and for neutrino mixing, and the Meson Full Listings for searches for top and fourth-generation hadrons.

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