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in the 1999 WWW Review of Particle Physics

Cut-off date for this update was October 1999.

See also this same index in alphabetical order.

Please use this CITATION: C. Caso et al. (Particle Data Group), The European Physical Journal C3 (1998) 1
 and 1999 off-year partial update for the 2000 edition available on
 the PDG WWW pages (URL: http://pdg.lbl.gov/).

We present user-friendly, large-size, single-column PostScript and PDF versions of these Reviews. For selected Reviews, we also present a "parallel-to-print" copy

Constants, Units, Atomic and Nuclear Properties

Physical constants (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
Astrophysical constants (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
International System of units (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
Periodic table of the elements (PostScript, PDF 1 page)
Electronic structure of the elements (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
Atomic and nuclear properties of materials (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
Electromagnetic relations (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
Naming scheme for hadrons (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)

Standard Model and Related Topics

Quantum chromodynamics (PostScript, PDF 27 pages)
Electroweak model and constraints on new physics (PostScript, PDF 42 pages)
Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa quark-mixing matrix (PostScript, PDF 12 pages)
Quark model (PostScript, PDF 9 pages)
CP Violation (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
CP Violation in KS -> 3pi (PostScript, PDF 1 page)
Fits for K0L CP-Violation Parameters (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
CP Violation in B Decay -- Standard Model Predictions (PostScript, PDF 18 pages)

Particle Properties

(Hypothetical particles are listed below.)
 The Mass of the W Boson (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
 Extraction of Triple Gauge Couplings (TGC's) (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
 The Z Boson (PostScript, PDF 12 pages)
 Extraction of Anomalous Z Z gamma and Z gamma gamma Couplings (PostScript, PDF 1 page)

 Muon Decay Parameters (PostScript, PDF 7 pages)
 tau Branching Fractions (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)

 Neutrino mass (PostScript, PDF 16 pages)
 No. of Light Neutrino Types from Collider Expts. (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
 Searches for Massive Neutrinos (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
 Limits from Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
 Solar neutrinos (PostScript, PDF 10 pages)

 Quark Masses (PostScript, PDF 11 pages)
 The Top Quark (PostScript, PDF 12 pages)

 Pseudoscalar-Meson Decay Constants (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
 Scalar mesons (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
 The eta(1440), f(1420), and f_1(1510) (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
 The Charged Kaon Mass (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
 Rare Kaon Decays (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
 CPT Invariance Tests in Neutral Kaon Decay (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
 CP Violation in KS -> 3pi (PostScript, PDF 1 page)
 Fits for K0L CP-Violation Parameters (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
 D Mesons (PostScript, PDF 1 page)
 Production and Decay of b-flavored Hadrons (PostScript, PDF 32 pages)
 B0-Bbar0 Mixing (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
 CP Violation in B Decay -- Standard Model Predictions (PostScript, PDF 18 pages)

 Baryon Decay Parameters (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
 The Lambda(1405) (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
 Charmed Baryons (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)
 Lambda(c)+ branching fractions (PostScript, PDF 2 pages)

Hypothetical Particles

The Higgs Boson (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
(Theory) (PostScript, PDF 25 pages)
 (Experiment) (PostScript, PDF 23 pages)
Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (PostScript PDF 14 pages)
Searches for Quark and Lepton Compositeness (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
Axions and other Very Light Bosons:
 (Theory) (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
 (Astrophys. Constraints) (PostScript, PDF 7 pages)
 (Exp. Limits) (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
The W' Searches (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
The Z' Searches (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
Leptoquark Quantum Numbers (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
Non-q qbar Mesons (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Experimental tests of gravitational theory (PostScript, PDF 11 pages)
Big-bang cosmology (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
Big-bang nucleosynthesis (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
The Hubble Constant (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
Dark matter (PostScript, PDF 4 pages)
Cosmic background radiation (PostScript, PDF 13 pages)
Cosmic rays (PostScript, PDF 16 pages)

Experimental Methods and Colliders

Accelerator physics of colliders (PostScript, PDF 8 pages)
High-energy collider parameters (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
Passage of particles through matter (PostScript, PDF 30 pages)
Particle detectors (PostScript, PDF 32 pages)
Radioactivity and radiation protection (PostScript, PDF 9 pages)
Commonly used radioactive sources (PostScript, PDF 1 page)

Mathematical Tools

Probability (PostScript, PDF 11 pages)
Statistics (PostScript, PDF 19 pages)
Monte Carlo techniques (PostScript, PDF 6 pages)
Monte Carlo particle numbering scheme
Clebsch-Gordan coeff., sph. harmonics, and d functions (PostScript, PDF 1 page)
SU(3) isoscalar factors and representation matrices (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)
SU(n) multiplets and Young diagrams (PostScript, PDF 3 pages)

Kinematics, Cross-Section Formulae, and Plots

Kinematics (PostScript, PDF 10 pages)
Cross-section formulae for specific processes (PostScript, PDF 7 pages)
Heavy-quark fragmentation in e+ e- annihilation (PostScript, PDF 5 pages)
Cross sections and related quantities, plots of Index

Authors, Introductory Text, History plots


(PostScript, PDF 3 pages) HTML
Introductory Text and Consultants (PostScript, PDF 14 pages)
History Plots (PostScript, PDF 1 page)

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